Our Story

From the green mountains of Vermont
and the sprawling suburbs of Georgia,
they both went to MIT,
but were too intimidated to talk to each other.
They took a few classes together
with names like 3.091, 18.03, 17.483, 17.411.
She edited his section at The Tech,
keeping him on the masthead
even though he didn't write nearly enough to qualify.
She wanted to talk to him at the epic holiday parties;
he wanted to talk to her at the very same parties.
But they never quite managed.
They graduated and went their separate ways,
she with plans for grad school in London,
and he to a robotics company in Cambridge.
But without a student visa,
she returned to the harsh cold of Boston.
Toiling separately in a soulless office park,
their eyes met across the salad bar.
“I thought you were in London,” he said.
“I thought you were somewhere awesome,” she said.
They were both happy to be wrong.
A few missed date attempts later, he invited her
to see candidate Obama speak before Super Tuesday.
They stood outside in the cold for hours,
warming each others hearts by mocking Larouche kooks
and their hyperinflationary shockwave.
Ten days later,
she bought a one-way ticket to California.
Not because of him, mind you,
she was done with the gloomy Boston weather.
But before losing her forever,
he asked her to join him on a trip to Italy.
“Are you sure?” she asked?
“I are serious cat”, he said, “this are serious face.”
She silently freaked out, but quickly agreed.
They slept outside train stations,
explored cities by moonlight,
full of wine and drunk on meat.
Impressed by her travel fortitude,
he agreed to give long distance a shot.
They returned to their separate coasts
for their new lives, together apart.
They acquired favorite transcontinental carriers,
seeing each other every six to eight weeks
for important occasions like office holiday parties,
international adventures and Halloween.
He eventually emerged from the Media Lab
to manifest his destiny in California.
Elated that he found a job he liked,
she joined him for the drive west.
The Fit took them across deserts and mountains,
through forests and prairies,
skydiving over π reunion,
all the way to Oakland.
Laika joined them three months later,
in their downtown dog-friendly apartment,
with so many new smells to enjoy.
They decorated their new space,
using power tools in the kitchen,
deaf dog sleeping at their feet.
After two years of living together happily,
going on adventures large and small,
they decided to put a ring on it.
They found the ring,
and request your presence
to make it official on:
June 29, 2013.