Honeymoon Registry

After the ceremony, Ruth and Josh are excited to depart the lower 48 for a fabulous honeymoon in Alaska. If you know them well enough to be on this site, you probably know they love to travel. Rather than suggesting a registry for household items they don't especially need, you're invited to sponsor a portion of their Alaskan adventure.

Krill Level

Buy Ruth or Josh a beer with an especially Alaskan-sounding name, like Moose Tooth or Homer Broken Birch Beer.

  • $5 per beer

Salmon Level

We are flying on Virgin from SFO to Anchorage. Send us off in style!

  • $8 champagne on the flight for Ruth
  • $8 champagne on the flight for Josh
  • $8.50 BART ticket to SFO

Beaver Level

  • $15 Lonely Planet Alaska
  • $20 picnic lunch

Seal Level

  • $30 diner breakfast for two
  • $50 rustic dinner for two
  • $50 tank of gas

Eagle Level

  • $60 dinner for two
  • $75 one day car rental
  • $75 night in hotel

Caribou Level

  • $85 Anchorage Bike and Brew tour
  • $175 Fjord Tour from Seward

Kodiak Bear Level

  • $200 dinner for two at Crow's Nest in Anchorage
  • $250 Virgin Flight to/from San Francisco to Anchorage
  • $250 Salmon Fishing Trip from Homer

Whale Level

  • $350 Overnight at wilderness lodge in Fox Island
  • $500 Flightseeing trip to Ruth Glacier
    (weather dependent)
    If the skies don't cooperate, we promise to do something equally awesome