Frequently Asked Questions

I live in San Francisco or the East Bay. Should I get a hotel in Marin?

A cab between Tiburon and the Mission runs about $55 ($75 to Downtown Oakland). This will be less than any hotel nearby.

What about a shuttle?

We have arranged for you all to cruise in style with Franklin Shuttle. Ruth has used her expert transportation knowledge to devise a schedule to get you between venues and back to the city before last BART. See below for a rough timetable.

Mill Valley Inn 3:00 3:05
Lyford House 3:15 3:20
Lodge at Tiburon 3:30 3:35
Lyford House 3:45 3:50
Ceremony and Reception
Lyford House 7:40 7:45
Lodge at Tiburon 7:55 8:00
Mill Valley Beerworks 8:15 8:20
Lyford House 8:30 8:35
Mill Valley Beerworks 8:50 8:55
Lodge at Tiburon 9:05 9:10
Mill Valley Beerworks 9:20 9:25
Oakland, 17th and Broadway 9:55 10:00
Mill Valley Beerworks 10:30 10:35
SF, 16th and Mission 11:05 11:10
Mill Valley Beerworks 11:40 11:45
The Lodge at Tiburon 11:55

When should I plan to arrive?

Guests are welcome to participate in some informal socializing the night before the wedding, 8-10 pm Friday, June 28, at a bar in Mill Valley to be announced.

Guests preferring to arrive Saturday, June 29 should plan to arrive at SFO or OAK no later than 1 pm to allow enough time to get to their hotel, check in, and get to the site. The actual ceremony starts at 4 pm in Tiburon on Saturday June 29.

When should I plan to leave?

The mothers of the bride and groom are hosting an RSVP-only brunch at Sweetwater Music Hall at 10 am on Sunday, June 30. If you would like to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get an accurate headcount. Josh's cousins Ana Fried and John Stayton also extend an invitation for anyone interested to a tour of their organic farm in Windsor from 2-5pm that afternoon.

Which airport should I fly into?

SFO and OAK are equally accessible to the site by shuttle and rental car. The venues are all unfortunately transit-inaccessible, but both SFO and OAK are connected to the urban Bay Area by transit. SJC is 30 miles further away and not easily connected to anything by transit.

What is the dress code?

Official answer: Californian semi-formal. Out of town guests may be surprised how chilly the Bay Area gets at night. The ceremony and festivities will all be outside, so ladies should consider the prospect of walking on soft ground when selecting shoes (dancing will be on a brick patio). There are short trails and a beach on the site, so be prepared and wear something a little more comfortable if you'd like to go exploring. We'll keep an eye on the forecast, but expect a cool breeze, California sunshine and air on the chilly side at night.

Children and plus ones?

Children are welcome to the ceremony and reception. There's plenty to see and explore, so they should have a good time. Bring your serious-ish significant other if you've got one.

I am allergic to ___. Will you have anything for me to eat?

Yes. We are already aware of some nut and gluten allergies, and will have plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Your drawings and website are so cute; who made them?

Josh built the website from scratch in a day, and Ruth drew all the images by hand. This collaborative creative process proves that waiting until you both get masters degrees before getting married is a smart move.